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here’s to being single yet another year

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When I can’t sleep..

I close my eyes, it’s silent but all around I can hear millions of thoughts running through my mind. I open my eyes with every though running through my head and I can feel my eyes water.. My mom sits awake in the other room, so I know not to be loud even if she hears sniffling she will suspect something. So I close my eyes tight grab a razor blade and dig into my skin.. Once I do all the thoughts go away and I see is red and black. So I lay down until I drift off into the world I wish I lived in.

13 Weird Facts About Dudes That We Learned In 2013

"Out of all of the research and findings that have come out this year, the ones about men have been particularly insightful. And by insightful I mean have made me want to ram my head through a wall and come out on the other side to a magical land where awful guys don’t exist.”

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uh when i was born….


For every note this gets I will punch a fish. 

harsh muchh

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I need more ppl to text 😔

the moment when you know your forever alone

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